Gene Therapy DNA Services

In today's fast track biomedical, biotech and pharmaceutical research, it is essential to have an edge to be not only competitive but also to accelerate scientific developments by taking advantage of our company services.

We offer you the highest quality
DNA vector engineering in the market with low cost:

DNA Vector Engineering - Best cloning manufactures solutions

DNA-Based Vaccine Vectors - Full vector engineering services for DNA vaccine constructs, including design, construction and manufacturing services.

Vector Development - Vector construction and validation services

Gene Construction - Costume gene constructs for massive, high-thought cloning and screening.

Bac Libraries - Made from different sources, random-sheared DNA

Recombinant Proteins - Production of recombinant peptides and proteins in both E. coli and yeast.

DNA Vector Purification - Highest vector scale production HPLC purification

Peptide and Protein Purification - Scale production of peptide and protein by HPLC